Saturday, May 14, 2011

Starting in New York

We are in Iceland for our second day now, but I want to talk about New York first.

We spent 3 days in New York and I learned a lot about NY in that time.
  1. We stayed a couple blocks from central park and I was surprised to find out how narrow the halls and alleys are in NY.  I guess with all the people crammed into a small space there is no room for extra space.  The elevator in our hotel was so small only Valerie and I fit and the cleaning lady had to wait till the next trip.
  2. There are cops everywhere but they don't mess with people like our wonderful LAPD does.  They seem to have a your going about your business and as long as your not hurting anyone we will leave you alone.  Everyone jaywalks in NY, it's a way of life, and no one gets even a second look from the cops.  You even see cars making turns through crosswalks while people are in them, and no ticket.  Everything moves like a bee hive of activity.  Way to go NY, now lets get in line Los Angeles.
  3. Some thoughts on Phantom of the Opera.  All the posters I saw including their program show the phantom's mask as a full face mask covering both eyes (but not the mouth.  I guess it just looks better than the half mask the phantom actually wears.  I would like to see the sequel sometime soon, when are they coming out with "the return of the phantom".  Seriously at the end they are hunting him down and he just disappears never to be seen again.  And how about a prequel?  They make a reference to his history but it seems there is a whole opera there as well.
  4. I noticed that when New Yorkers step up to the urinal they practically crawl inside.  I couldn't help but notice several times that the whole row of guys were all mounting the urinal in an attempt to hide their junk from any stray glances.  Apparently I went all that way to get a look at their junk but they had been tipped off and were ready.

 We had a good time and I can see why people love that city, the transportation is great, the food is good, and central park is awesome.  Every large city should have a park like that, once again you suck Los Angeles.  I've decided there should be a survey of people traveling for whether they like their home city or the city they are visiting more.  Your city would be judged by a combination of the rating people from there and the rating people visiting there gave it.  I give LA a 6 and NY a 9.

Photos and Comments....

We found the hulk, he's in NY and his weakness appears to be blue plastic tarps.

It was nice to see the flag on every subway car in NY. I'm only used to seeing it on politicians and missiles.

The US post doesn't need to use a photo of the Las Vegas statue of liberty for their stamps any more, they can use my photo if they want.

Make sure you pay your bill at the Slaughtered Lamb pub or you'll end up like this guy. Everything about this pub is good. Good services, good prices, they serve food, good music and it's not too loud to have a conversation.

Things are small in the big apple. The hotel elevator was so small only Val and I could fit.

...And the closet in our room had a large bolt on it for some reason.

The wealthy near central park don't want you honking.

For all the photos go to and see the "Nomad Camera NY event"


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